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Indigenous tribes and groups have fascinated the modern world for many years. Amidst the chaos of western civilization, it is an intriguing concept to trade traffic and pollution for the subtlety of nature.

Indigenous tribes are a fortress of tradition and culture. Seeing their way of life shows us an integral part of our history. The sincerity of the Tribes date beyond our recollection as they hold true to their beliefs with honor and dignity. Photographers, journalists and explorers alike have had the opportunity to visit and observe specific Tribes. There is a division among Indigenous groups and their associations with the outside world. Some re open to contact and enjoy gifts of food and clothing whereas others strictly enforce a no contact rule. Every group has their own identity and activities, yet there are a few questions that can be answered about Indigenous Tribes in general.

How do they live without modern amenities?

They say you cannot miss what you never had. This is especially true of the Indigenous peoples. The individual members of the Tribes were raised with certain customs. They are resourceful primarily living off of the land and nature. Their lifestyle has never presented a need for modern amenities.

Do they have Doctors?

Interestingly, the further away from civilization and modernity a Tribe is… the healthier they are. Their bodies have built the necessary resistances to the ailments local to their region. It has been known for entire Tribes to fall ill to near extinction when outsiders make contact. The need for a Doctor is not the same as our hospitals and immunization schedules. Most have the wisdom of an elder or designated person who practices a holistic path that uses nature to heal and remedy most ailments.

Are they religious?

Indigenous Tribes have sacred rituals and traditions. Most have the Gods of their ancestors, a belief system and a strong reverence for the natural world. Religion to Indigenous peoples may look different than the mainstream denominations we see today, however their views were likely integrated before modern religion and affiliations were popularized.

Do they have schools for children?

As far as grade levels and report cards, Indigenous tribes do not have a need for systematic scholastics. In lieu of modern education, their studies are primarily focused within the family. Depending on the region, children are taught about their environment and survival. These teachings are then passed down to their children and so on.

What do they eat?

Hunting is a way of life for Indigenous Tribes. Nature has a vast array of fruits and vegetables alongside meats and fish for a well-balanced diet. It is said their diet is one of the many reasons they have clear skin, a healthy weight and a lack of deficits in their system. There are hundreds of questions we may have about the mysterious life of Indigenous Tribes that we will never have the answers to. Respecting their boundaries is the first step to having a positive balance in the world.

What do they eat?