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America is a country of North America that has an intriguing history. What is now denoted as the land of the free was once the home of Native American Indians. It is believed they came to America from Asia during the Ice Age at least 13,000 years ago. They began their journey to the coastline where they found the region uninhabited. The Indians had their core beliefs and traveled together in groups or families. These tribes had a hierarchy, religious views and their own way of life.

A Native American Indian Culture

Before modern industry, America was rich in wildlife and natural resources. An abundance of clean waters, trees and wild grown berries and fruit gave a fresh opportunity for their people to thrive. Most of the Indians lived in peace while building their communities. The Indian reservations had shelter, food and age old tradition. They did not write letters or document their journeys making it difficult to recount their steps. What is known to us today is the result of archeological finds including tools, housing and various items that show us how they lived. Passed down tales of heroes, triumph and their intrinsic past is perhaps the most telling of the Native American culture.

The legacy and lore of Native Americans are a soulful experience that is still practiced today. Surrounded by the spirits of nature, their ancestors and the essence of the universe is largely displayed in their rituals. The peaceful demeanor of Indians had a content lifestyle that honored their intention to the world around them. Without Christianity as a basis of their religion, the need for wars or penance had a different face than what we see in current times.

The Infiltration of America

After several generations passed, we entered into the 15th century. Other countries had evolved past the beginning of times and melded into a modern experience. Society was on the move to the future while in America time seemed to stand still. When explorers traveled across the ocean, they crossed over into Indian territory. When they saw what was considered “uncivilized” behavior and living conditions, they no longer deemed the Indians as civil. Instead, the explorers treated the Indians as if they were a part of the scenery similar to the wildlife that lived in the forests.

America was officially declared as newly discovered and the new regime began to descend. The Indians tried to defend their land, homes and family, however, were out maneuvered by the magnitude of modern vices. The Indian population was gravely reduced due to exposure to unfamiliar illnesses, warfare and the eventual depletion of their rights. It wasn’t until many years later, the Indian reservations were held in a restored honorary position.

The Infiltration of America
The Infiltration of America

Native Americans have preserved their heritage and teachings. They have shared their culture with the world allowing for us all to have a moment to reflect on the past. It was a period of chaos that became a great nation. Despite the original connotation of intolerance, America is now a quilt of racial and religious diversity.