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It is well-known fact that the Amazon rainforest is a vital part of our planet. It is one of the last standing vast contributions that keep the delicate balance of the earth.

Disturbance to the Amazon rainforest ultimately impacts more than the scenery. It is disruptive to our ecosystem while causing a significant shift in our biodiversity. Millions of plant and wildlife are found only in the Amazon providing life, stability and sustainability. Medicinal properties are also found in the natural setting that is imperative to our society. Deep in the thick of the jungle resides the indigenous tribes that have been a part of the Amazons survival for thousands of years. They were able to live peacefully and naturally until the musings of modern men discovered them.

The Indigenous People of the Amazon

There are two different ways the indigenous tribes choose to live. Several villages are along the rainforest that have a healthy relationship and trade network set up with nearby towns. They interact with visitors and are aware of modern lifestyles. They choose to maintain their culture and teachings while staying behind the scenes. Other indigenous tribes of the amazon opt to live completely isolated in the depths of the rainforest. Two million square acres are filled with towering trees that provide a canopy over the Amazon. These indigenous peoples have been able to thrive undetected in exception of a few instances we are aware of. It is believed the uncontacted tribe’s range in the hundreds of differing groups and the members numbered into the thousands. Some of the most isolated tribes are in threat of becoming extinct. They are living with the last few members of their tribes trying to survive the extremes.

Modern Threats to Amazon’s Tribes

The isolated indigenous tribes live within the Amazon’s environment. They do not use machinery or modern technology which has helped to preserve the original intention of the rainforest. They are intertwined to the cycle of life with a strengthened bond between nature and themselves. They will often migrate from one to other regions in the rainforest. This intricate balance is threatened by those who ignore the necessity of the Amazons preservation. Loggers, ranchers and cocaine traffickers have discovered the abundance of the Amazon rainforest. Senselessly cutting down trees and clearing out portions of the jungle for commercial reasons is destroying the habitat. Animals and indigenous families are being drove inward, losing their home and dying on a regular basis. Contact with these organizations and drug traffickers who seek safe passage through the rainforest have resulted in the depletion and invasion of the tribe’s life. Violent interactions are evident as the indigenous are viewed as insignificant to their invaders. Indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest have been known as the caretakers of one of the worlds most important resources. They are a part of the rainforest itself with the highest respect for the spiritual side of the Amazon. Modern advancements are convenient for the civilized cities, yet little regard is held for the lives that are unmarked from modernity.